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Fortifyer SSL Certificates FAQ

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General Information about Fortifyer Secure Site SSL Certificates

  • Learn more about Digicert Secure Site Certificates

General Information about Fortifyer Certificates

  • Are Fortifyer certificates automatically trusted by browsers?
  • How does a Wildcard certificate work?
  • What are code signing certificates?
  • What is a ‘Scalable SSL Certificate’?
  • What is a ‘Site Seal’?
  • Will DigiCert Digital Certificates work with my server(s)?
  • Why is Authentication and Validation so important?



Are Fortifyer certificates automatically trusted by browsers?

Yes! Fortifyer SSL certificates are automatically trusted in all of today’s common browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.


How does a Wildcard certificate work?


Our DigiCert Wildcard SSL certificate provides SSL protection for unlimited first-level sub-domains of the domain name you specify in your certificate Signing Request (CSR).

For example, you get a DigiCert SSL Wildcard certificate for * With this certificate, you can secure unlimited first-level sub-domains such as:

The asterisk (*) in the common name serves as the wildcard character that allows the certificate to take on any first-level sub-domain name. The value assumed by the asterisk (*) must not have a period or ‘dot’ in it (i.e., your * does not secure anything. as it is a second-level subdomain of This is why we say that the Wildcard certificate covers unlimited first-level subdomains.


What is a ‘Scalable SSL Certificate’?


Scalable certificates offer a range of encryption bit length. By default, DigiCert digital certificate are 2048-bit encryption strength. However, some older web browsers only support an encryption length of 256-bit, 128-bit, and 40-bits. Rather than force those customers to upgrade their browsers, the Fortifyer certificate scales down, offering the customer the maximum strength they can support.


What is a ‘Site Seal’?


A Fortifyer Site Seal is offered FREE ($79 value) when you purchase a DigiCert SSL Certificate, this site seal provides a stamp of legitimacy on your site. It provides a dynamic proof that Digicert has verified your business or organization.


Will DigiCert digital SSL certificates work with my servers?


DigiCert certificates are standard x509 certificates. They are fully compatible with all common server platforms including all Windows servers, Apache servers, Tomcat Servers, and many more.


Why is Authentication and Validation so important?


SSL certificates are not only used for encryption. They can also show that a certificate Authority has verified your company. In this way, the certificate also works as verification of your business. When a certificate Authority gives out SSL certificates like candy, the internet becomes an unsafe place with fraud risks. Before DigiCert issues a high assurance certificate, we verify the organizational details of the entity that applied for the certificate. Through this vetting process we build confidence in your customers while making the internet a safer place for everyone.

Ordering a Certificate

  • How do I order a certificate?
  • What is a CSR and how do I create one?
  • How do I open the CSR to place it in the Fortifyer order form?
  • What should I do with my private key?
  • What should I do to expedite the validation of my order?

Installing a Certificate

  • How do I download my certificate files?
  • Where are the instructions for installing my certificate?
  • How can I install my Wildcard certificate to more than one server?
  • My certificate works, but my visitors get a Security alert that says ‘The security certificate was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust…’ What is the problem?
  • I lost my private key. Can I get my certificate reissued for a new one?
  • Do I need a unique IP address for my secure site?

Renewing a certificate

  • How do I renew my certificate?
  • Do I need to create a new CSR to renew my certificate?
  • Why do I need to install a different certificate if this is a renewal?